• EXIT Four Seasons Realty manages over 300 rental homes and apartments.  We can almost always help you find what you are looking for.  The best way to find it is to come in and meet with one of our leasing agents.  They will often know of properties that are coming on the market soon, if we don't have what you are looking for right away.
  • If you are interested in renting from EXIT Four Seasons Realty, a rental application and credit check must be completed for each individual to be listed on the lease.  The cost is $45.00 per person and is non-refundable.  No rental unit will be taken off the market without the full security deposit.  If more than one person is contributing to the security deposit, be sure to list each person and the amount they are contributing towards the deposit.  Results of the credit check will be available to the leasing agent within 24 hours of application.  Applications taken on weekends or holidays will be available within 24 hours of the next business day.
  • Rent and lease contracts must start within 7 days of the date of application.  The leasing agent will set up a time for you to go over the lease terms and pay rents due at signing.  An appointment will be set up for the leasing agent to walk through the unit before you can take possession.  All parties listed on the lease must be present to go over lease terms and do walk through.
  • Roommates:  Each roommate is approved separately and is jointly and individually responsible for the rent.  If one leaves, the other is responsible to pay the full amount of rent.  Any portion of the security deposit paid by the tenant in default will be forfeited to the property owner.  One leaseholder will be established as the contact person for the unit and will be responsible for making rent payment each month and for reporting any problems to the managing agent. 
    • Rents are to be paid in full in one payment. 
    • Multiple payments will not be accepted.  If you choose to pay your rent in cash you must bring the exact amount. 
    • We do not make change nor do we credit overpayments to the next month.
    • We encourage roommates to enter into an agreement between themselves regarding what they expect of each other.  Relationships are important and a careful discussion of expectations prior to rooming together can help.  We also encourage you to carefully read your lease and ask questions about anything you don't understand.
  • College Students- EXIT does not discriminate, but many of our landlords do require that tenants are gainfully employed with a steady income.  Since many college students don't have time to work and attend school, their parents pay for their housing.  If this is your case, your parents will need to be responsible for your lease as well.  Please talk with our agent about how that works. 
  • Leases are non-transferable.  Only individuals listed on the original lease can occupy the unit.  Any changes from the original lease must be approved in advance by managing agent and new occupants will be required to go through the application process.  So if you want to change roommates, make sure you clear this with your property manager before hand.  There is usually a bit of paper work that will need to be completed too.  Just stop by our office and we'll be happy to help.



When you sign the lease, you are making a commitment to remain in the unit for a 12-month period.  If more than one tenant is listed on the lease, then each individual is making a commitment to remain for a 12-month period.  Please be careful to read the terms of your lease.


If you break your lease you DO NOT get your deposit back.


If you leave before the end of the lease term you will:


(1)    forfeit your security deposit

(2)    owe the owner an amount equal to one months rent

(3)    owe EXIT Four Seasons Realty an amount equal to ½ months rent

(4)    be required to pay for any repairs or cleaning that must be done in order to rent the unit again.


If the owner does not approve early termination, you will be responsible for paying the rent each month until the unit is rented again even if you are not living there.



At the beginning of your lease, you and your property manager will do a walk-in.  We encourage you to be careful to note any damage or ways that the property is not in good working order.  At the end of your lease you will want to make sure you thoroughly clean your rental and leave it in the same condition it was in when you rented it.  You and your manager will do a move-out inspection and any problems or unclean conditions will be noted and you will be responsible to pay for any damage or the cost of cleaning.  It's always better (and cheaper) to do the cleaning yourself.  Roommates should work together so there are no hard feelings in this regard. 


At the end of the lease term, if you are not renewing, you may receive all or part of your security deposit back.  The following conditions apply:


  • You must have met all the lease requirements including occupying the unit for the full length of the lease. 
  • Unit must be clean and in good repair. 
  • All possessions must be removed including trash. 
  • A walk through must be completed.


We have 30 days in which to disburse security deposits.  You will need to give us an address where any funds due can be mailed.


Some of our units have locking mailboxes.  Use of these mailboxes requires a $10.00 deposit.  Only one key will be issued.


If you have questions, we would be delighted to answer them for you.  We appreciate your interest in renting a home through EXIT Four Seasons Realty.