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Currently our company manages over 50 rental properties.   Our experience and established rental procedures provide a relatively stress free experience for property owners.   We manage single family residential, multi-family residential and commercial properties. We would be happy to discuss how we can serve you.

What goes into making this a smooth process:


Extensive Marketing:

  • Our rental properties are advertised on our web sites, and which receive over 500 unique visitors a week.
  • And we syndicate your property to ALL major search engines . . . and some we haven't ever heard of, including Google, Yahoo, Trulia, MSN, and many more.
  • Our online marketing brings in prospects every week looking for rental homes or an apartment.
  • We advertise in the Dahlonega Nugget
  • We advertise in local Real Estate Magazines
  • Yard signs are provided.
  • A duty leasing agent is available 7 days a week to work with prospective tenants or answer their questions.

Selecting Great Tenants:

Each prospective tenant is screened through an application process that includes checking credit, verifying employment, references and talking with previous landlords. Every effort is made to select qualified, reliable tenants. A security deposit is collected from the tenant and deposited into our rental escrow account as long as the tenant remains in the unit.

Full Service Makes the Difference:

It is our goal to provide such excellent service that our Owners don’t have to worry about a thing. We focus on getting your property leased to good tenants for top income. We make it a point to communicate clearly with you and encourage you to call us with any concerns. Some of the primary services we provide include:


  • Our trained leasing agents conduct a move in inspection with the tenant.
  • Your managing agent for the property takes all tenant calls and orders maintenance when necessary.
  • We watch after your property and let you know of any issues of concern.
  • Accounting maintains lease records and contacts the tenant prior to the end of the lease term to determine if the tenant is renewing for another term or planning to vacate the unit.
  • At the end of the lease term the managing agent will conduct a move out inspection with the tenant to determine if the tenant will be charged with any repairs.  If unit is in ready-to-rent condition and all lease terms have been met, Accounting will return the security deposit to the tenant.
  • Should the need arise we will file the necessary legal documents and represent the property owner in pursuing legal action against tenants through the Magistrate Court.


The Fees for our services include:

  • ½ of a month’s rent for procuring a new tenant.
  • Each month after the first month the fee for management is 10% of the monthly rental rate.
  • Rents are collected from the tenants for each month and processed by our accounting department.
  • Management fees and any repairs, maintenance or other expenses are deducted from the rents collected.
  • The balance of the funds is disbursed to the owner by the 15th of the month, once the tenant's check clears the bank.



Need help leasing the property, but not managing it?

Another option available to property owners is a “Procurement Only” account.

With a procurement only account, NORTH Realty Georgia will:

  • Advertise the property and procure and screen the tenant.
  • Prepare all contracts
  • Conduct a move in inspection with the tenant.
  • At the time of move in the tenant will be instructed to pay monthly rent directly to the property owner and communicate any needs or concerns to the property owner as well.
  • All contracts will be turned over to the owner.
  • The owner will manage the unit throughout the term of the lease.
  • Owner will notify NORTH Realty to begin advertising the property 30 days prior to the tenant’s expected move out.
  • The fee for this type of account is an amount equal to one month’s rent rate that is deducted from funds collected from the tenant at move in.
  • Owner will be responsible for disbursement of the security deposit at the end of the lease term.

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