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North Realty Georgia sells houses and offer discount listings and flat rate listing services in the following North Georgia (GA) zip codes and more: 30533 (Dahlonega /Lumpkin zip code), 30534 (Dawsonville /Dawson zip code), 30564 (Murrayville /Hall zip code), 30041, 30028, 30041 (Cumming /Forsyth zip code), 30528 (Cleveland /White zip code), 30501, 30503, 30504, 30506, 30507 (Gainesville / Hall zip code), 30518 (Sugar Hill / Gwinnett zip code), 30540 (Ellijay / Gilmer zip code).  We sell houses in Roswell, Gainesville, Blairsville, Alpharetta, Cumming, Dawsonville, Dahlonega, Cleveland, Helen, and the Lake Lanier area.